Utilities for expats in France

These articles talk about utilities for expats in France. Find out what the internet technologies are in France and how to get the best ISP for your place. Are you ready to get a phone plan? Make sure you get a plan with unlimited calls to the United States!

  • Best French phone plans for American expats

    Best French phone plans for American expats

    What are the best French cell phone plans for American expats? Can you use your French plan when you travel to the United States or Canada?

  • Phone plans in France

    Phone plans in France

    This comprehensive guide explains how phone plans work in France. Learn what to look for before signing up for a plan, how to keep your phone number, roaming fees or how to cancel your subscription…

  • Port number to Google Voice

    Port number to Google Voice

    This article describes how to port a U.S. phone number to a Google Voice number. Thanks to Google Voice, you can keep your U.S. phone number while living abroad.

  • Can you use a U.S. cell phone in France?

    Can you use a U.S. cell phone in France?

    Make sure that your U.S. cell phone can work in France. Find out why you should keep a U.S. number when living abroad.

  • eSIM France: best prepaid eSIM

    eSIM France: best prepaid eSIM

    Get a prepaid eSIM for France to have a French phone number as soon as you land! Learn about the advantages of dual SIM functionality when traveling abroad.

  • French television vocabulary

    Use this French television vocabulary list when you are ready to get a TV subscription.

  • Watch American TV in France

    Watch American TV in France

    How can you watch American tv in France? Don’t give up on your favorite shows because you’re living in France.

  • Best VPN for France

    Best VPN for France

    This guide explains why and how to use a VPN in France.

  • French phone vocabulary

    This list of French words and sentences can help you when you set up a phone plan in France.

  • Best French SIM card

    Best French SIM card

    This is a guide to help you buy a SIM card that you can use in France. Learn how SIM cards work in France.

  • Internet providers in France

    Internet providers in France

    Where do you start when you are ready to setup internet at your new place? Which provider should you pick? What are the different fees involved? Is it easy to cancel your internet subscription? Read this guide to get your questions answered.

  • Internet terms in French

    This glossary lists all the French terms related to internet with their English translations.

  • Internet technologies in France

    Internet technologies in France

    This guide explains the different internet technologies in France. Depending on where you live, you do not have access to all the internet providers and technologies. Have you heard of “zône dégroupée”?