I offer services to assist you with your administrative tasks. I can help you:

  • apply for carte Vitale
  • order a birth certificate
  • sort out issues with CPAM
  • set up utilities
  • … and more

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to deal with tricky situations in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language well enough, or you simply don’t know how things work. I’ve been in your shoes.

If you’ve started administrative procedures on your own and you’re stuck, I can resolve the situation for you. I will act on your behalf to:

  • make phone calls in French (phone company, bank, mutuelle, CPAM…)
  • write letters and emails in French
  • explain the meaning of French documents, letters or emails you received, and suggest a course of action

I’ll always make sure you get the best outcome possible and I’ll act as your advocate rather than a simple translator.

My rate is €75 an hour (1 hour minimum). Contact me for any inquiries.


Once we’ve agreed on terms of a service and you’ve received my invoice, you can use the following Paypal button to make your payment.