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Healthcare facilities in French

When living in France, knowing the terms for healthcare facilities in French will be very helpful. Whether you need to get some lab work done or your son needs urgent care, make sure you know where to rapidly find the care you need.

Healthcare facilities in French

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un centre de lutte contre le cancer
cancer research and treatment center
un centre de radiologie
radiology center
un centre de rééducation
physical therapy center
un centre de santé
health center
un centre de soins infirmiers
nursing agency
un centre de soins
medical care center
un centre d’imagerie médicale
medical imaging center
une clinique
le CHR (centre hospitalier régional)
regional hospital center
le CHRU (centre hospitalier régional universitaire)
regional university hospital
un centre hospitalier spécialisé
mental health treatment center
le CHU (centre hospitalier universitaire)
university hospital
un dispensaire
free clinic (private or public)
une EHPAD ou maison de retraite médicalisée
medical housing for elderly people
un établissement de santé
healthcare facility
un hôpital (des hôpitaux)
un laboratoire d’analyses médicales
lab test facility
un laboratoire de biologie médicale
lab test facility
un lieu de dépistage
screening center
une maison de convalescence
rehab center after hospital stay
une maison de repos
rehab center for the elderly
une maison de retraite
nursing home
une maison médicale
community healthcare center
une parapharmacie
a store that sells over-the-counter items authorized to be sold in pharmacy
une pharmacie
une pharmacie de garde
on-call pharmacy
les urgences

ER units in French

It’s a good idea to know the location of the nearest emergency room near your place. Depending on your emergency, you might have to go to different locations. In Grenoble for instance, pediatric emergencies are treated in Hôpital Couple/Enfant (couple/child hospital).

les urgences adultes
general ER for adults
les urgences gynécologiques et obstétriques
les urgences néonatales
les urgences neurologies vasculaires – soins intensifs for strokes
ICU for strokes
les urgences pédiatriques
ER for children under 18
les urgences traumatologiques
ER for traumatic injuries

Hospital units in French

Learn the different names for hospital units and services before you actually need them.

bloc opératoire
multiple operating rooms
chirurgie ambulatoire
outpatient surgery (under 12 hour hospital stay)
chirurgie cardiaque
cardiology surgery
maternité (obstétrique)
salle d’opération
operating room
salle de réveil
recovery room
service de réanimation
resuscitation room
service de médecine
medical unit
service de soins intensifs

Healthcare facilities in French within sentences

The following sentences will come handy when you need to visit a healthcare facility.

Quelle est la pharmacie de garde aujourd’hui?
What is the on-call pharmacy today?
Je désire prendre rendez-vous au laboratoire pour un test de dépistage.
I’d like to schedule an appointment at the lab for a screening test.
Pouvez-vous m’envoyer l’adresse de la maison de repos s’il vous plait?
Could you please send me the address of the rehab center?
Il est courant de devoir attendre plusieurs heures aux urgences.
ER wait times are usually several hours.
La qualité des soins est excellente au CHU de Grenoble.
Healthcare quality is outstanding at Grenoble University Hospital.

To learn how the French healthcare system works, read French healthcare system.

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