French travel insurance vocabulary

This glossary of French travel insurance vocabulary can help you make sense of your French insurance policy.

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French travel insurance policy terms

Get familiar with the French travel insurance vocabulary used in your insurance policy.

un adhérent
person who is insured
une annulation
une adhésion
une assurance voyage
travel insurance
le bénéficiaire assuré
person insured
un délai de carence
waiting period
un certificat d’assurance
insurance certificate
une franchise
un plafond de garantie
policy coverage limit
une police d’assurance
insurance policy
la prévoyance
insurance against invalidity and death
une prime d’assurance
insurance premium
la prise en charge
la responsabilité civile
liability insurance
un souscripteur

French vocabulary for travel insurance incidents

Understand what events are covered and which ones are not covered by your travel insurance policy.

une blessure
le décès
un départ manqué
missed departure
les dommages corporels
personal injury
les dommages matériels
property damage
une épidémie
une interruption de séjour
trip interruption
une maladie
une pandémie
la prolongation du séjour
trip extension
un retard d’avion
flight delay
un retard de livraison de bagage
delayed luggage
un retard de transport
delayed transportation
un retour anticipé
early returned
un sinistre
des soins dentaires d’urgence
emergency dental treatment
une urgence

French terms for insurance benefits

Read your table of benefits carefully and use this French travel insurance vocabulary to understand what your insurance policy covers.

une assistance juridique
legal assistance
une avance de fonds à l’étranger
cash advance abroad
un billet A/R
round-trip ticket
capital en cas de …
amount paid to you in case of …
les frais d’annulation
cancellation fees
les frais ouvrant droit à prestations
expenses covered by policy
les frais réels
real cost
déclarer un sinistre
make a claim
les garanties d’assurance
insurance benefits
les honoraires d’avocat
lawyer’s fees
une indemnité
what’s paid to you
un litige
les dépenses
les frais médicaux
medical expenses
un rapatriement
un remboursement
un tableau de garanties
table of benefits

I hope this list of French travel insurance vocabulary helped you understand better your insurance policy. Read Travel insurance for the U.S. to learn how the French system covers you abroad and why you should get extra insurance when visiting friends and family back home.

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