French accent names and punctuation marks

Read this list to learn French accent names, punctuation marks and French special characters.

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French accent names

It’s a good idea to learn the French accent names for situations where you need to spell out an address or any French word. The only letters that can have an accent mark in French are: a, e, i, o and u.

Accent aigu (acute accent) is used exclusively on letter e. You’ll never find an acute accent on the letter i in French like you would in Spanish.

un accent aigu
acute accent
j’ai mangé (I ate), je suis fatigué (I’m tired)
è à ù
un accent grave
grave accent
Où es-tu ? (Where are you?) Je suis à la maison (I’m home)
â ê î ô û
un accent circonflexe
la tête (head), le coût (cost), un diplôme (diploma), un hôte (host), un gîte (bed and breakfast place)
ë ï ü
un tréma
du maïs (corn), Noël (Christmas), ambigü (ambiguous)

The letter e with accent

In French, the letter e never bears an accent mark when e is followed by

  • a doubled letter
  • an x

Je m’appelle Tom. [no accent on letter e]
My name is Tom.

Un exercice [no accent on letter e]
An exercise

Un accent circonflexe [no accent on letter e]
A circumflex accent

The letter e with accent is not pronounced the same as e without an accent.

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La marche
A walk

Le marché

The letters a, i, o and u with accents

The letters a, i, o and u never bear acute accent. A grave or circumflex accent on a, i, o or u doesn’t modify the sound of the word.

For instance, all occurrences of a in the following sentence sound the same.

Il a mangé des pâtes à la tomate.
He ate tomato pasta.


In French, a diaresis accent (2 dots over a letter) indicates that the letter should be pronounced separately.

maïs (corn) is pronounced as two syllables whereas mais (but) is one syllable only. Another well known French word with a diaresis is Noël (Christmas).

Du maïs

Mais bien sûr !
But of course!

Diaresis marks are a lot less common than other French accent marks.

Punctuation marks in French

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Notice how French use different opening and closing quotes than Americans. You can read more about quotation marks in French writing conventions.

des guillemets ouvrants
” opening quotes
des guillemets fermants
” closing quotes

des points de suspension (trois petits points)
un point d’interrogation
question mark
un point d’exclamation
exclamation point

une apostrophe
une virgule
un point-virgule
un point
un deux-points
une parenthèse ouvrante
open parenthesis
une parenthèse fermante
close parenthesis
une accolade ouvrante
open brace
une accolade fermante
close brace
des crochets ouvrants
open bracket
des crochets fermants
close bracket

un trait d’union ou tiret du 6 (in reference to the keyboard key on a French keyboard)

un tiret long ou tiret cadratin
em dash
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French special characters

Learn the French names for French special characters. You’ll need to use them to give out your email address, your mailing address in France or a folder path.

le symbole euro
un degré
un c cédille
un garçon
un o-e entrelacé (un e-dans-l’o)
ligature of o and e
un cœur
un a-e entrelacé (un e-dans-l’a)
ligature of a and e
curriculum vitæ
une arobase
at sign
un pourcentage
percent sign
un croisillon (ou carré)
pound sign

un dièse
sharp sign
et commercial (une esperluette)
une barre oblique inversée
une barre verticale
vertical bar
le signe égal
equal sign
une barre oblique
plus petit que
less than
plus grand que
greater than
un caret
le signe plus
plus sign
un tiret bas
un astérisque
un numéro
un paragraphe
section sign
plus ou moins
plus-minus sign
et cetera
and so on

French names with accents

Many French names have accents. Here’s a few French boy names with accents:

  • Hervé
  • André
  • Maël
  • Noé
  • Jérémie
  • Gaëtan
  • Frédéric
  • Cédric
  • Aurélien
  • Rémi

Some French girl names with accents:

  • Hélène
  • Stéphanie
  • Béatrice
  • Noémie
  • Élodie
  • Valérie
  • Cécile
  • Céline
  • Véronique
  • Chloé

French names with special characters

There are very few French names with special characters such as a ligature or a cedilla. Here’s a couple of them.

  • Françis (more often than not, spelled as Francis)
  • François/Françoise
  • Lætitia (also spelled Laetitia)

If you are using a qwerty keyboard, read Type French accents without a French keyboard to learn key combinations on a Mac or a PC.

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