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Hello Everyone.

My husband and I moved to Paris Feb 2022 so almost 2 months ago. We are waiting for the 3 months mark to send our application at the Assurance Maladie. I shall give you an update once I send and how soon I hear back.

I have an EU passport (was born in France) and don't need to apply for any visa or carte de sejour but my husband who only has an American passport does. He validated his visa and paid the fees online 3 weeks ago and have yet to be contacted by the OFII.

We have a WISE bank account where we transfer money from the US from time to time but have been unsuccessful opening a French bank account yet.

My husband is also trying to set up an auto-entrepreneur account as he is teaching yoga in Paris at multiple studios and in private but not being fluent yet he's having hard time with the procedure.

Voila, that's what I have so far. I will definitely share more as we hopefully progress with administration.

Nathalie Nahmani
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Hello Samira!
Thank you for your feedback! Regarding opening a bank account, have you tried going to a branch in person? Have you tried Credit Agricole?