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Hi All. We turned in our initial CV application to CPAM in Limoges in early February, 2 weeks after our 3 month anniversary date of being in the country.

We sent in exactly as outlined in this blog, with the help of an Administrative Assistant who was very prompt and professional. She followed up a week after mailed everything, with the Limoges office, who assured her they had all they needed.

On Wednesday last week, approximately 4 weeks to initial mailing, we received our temporary numbers in the mail, in the paperwork that you need to sign and paste a picture to. I noticed my first name was incorrect, as it is a double name, called my ad min girl, who promptly called CPAM Limoges, and let me know they would get back to her shortly.

They wound up calling me directly, Friday mourning at 10AM, so glad I didn't panic when I saw the french phone number, and picked up the call. A lovely lady, who spoke perfectly working english, assured me the form was fine to use, she had made an adjustment in the system, and to sign in the box the way I sign all documents.  She also kindly reminded me to include a copy of my PP when sending that form in. 

My husband mailed his Friday as it was correct, and mine will go out tomorrow. We each have a temporary SS number, and I will keep you posted on how long it takes for the next step to happen.


Laura Lee Drucker

Nathalie Nahmani
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@lldrucker Thank you for your timeline Laura Lee! 

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@lldrucker Thanks Laura Lee - seeing your experience gives me hope too 😉 🤣   You referred to an Admin person - are you using a service and if so, can you share more about them (as you seem to like them) and the cost.  Amicalement, Michael